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'Chick n' Slice' by Lavalle Lee E-mail
Written by Charles   
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 18:02

Here's something that Lavalle Lee posted on AN's Gallery that he intends to develop and canadian pharmacy discount code viagra pitch to a network. We're getting an early look at his project "Chick n' Slice". A witty concept whose main characters are a piece of chicken and a slice of cialis cheep pizza as they attempt to head to Antarctica in an effort to preserve themselves. It took Lavalle a year and seven months to get this far with his video and we at AN wish him the best as he moves forward with this endeavor. Lavalle is known for the popular Traditional Animation blog he maintains as well as Here's the Forum topic where some Chick n' Slice pencil tests are available to view along with additional links including a little video game challenge

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