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Author Topic: The six foot rule...
Member # 161

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I have a pet theory. It goes like this...

Animators are taller than the general public.

Ridiculous you say? Look around you. How many animators you know, are over six feet tall. How many are much taller. Now average their heights, and I think you will discover, animators are taller than the general public.

Milt Kahl was six foot four. I rest my case.

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Icon 14 posted      Profile for OFFBEAT   Author's Homepage   Email OFFBEAT         Edit/Delete Post 
I'm 5 foot 11.

oops... i'm not an animator


So far your theory is flawless.

"Get Rich, or Die Drawing!"

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Darn, I thought I was an animator. [Frown]
If I calculated this correctly, six feet is two meters, and I'm one meter and eighty centimeters.

Well, maybe it's because I'm still in school.

Tekenen is schrijven en spreken tegelijk.

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Member # 161

Icon 1 posted      Profile for papercut   Email papercut         Edit/Delete Post 
I'm 6'6" (198 centimeters), so if you take your height and add my height, then devide by 2...

198 + 180 = 370 devide by 2 = 185 centimeters (72.84 inches)6'1"!!

My theory is still uncontested!

These are the average heights of non-animators.

Non-animator Male
5 feet 9.1 inches (175.5 centimeters)

Non-animator female
5' 3.7 (162 centimeters)

You're tall enough to be an animator, since you're well above average.

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Rupert Piston
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I'm a high school teacher, but have been diving into animation on my own in the last year (with some fantasy of jumping ship out of education at some point)

I'm 6'-5"

What d'you reckon is the connection?

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Dan P.
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I'm 5'11" and 1/2

And I still feel short when walking around the studios. Therefore I agree, animators are freakishly tall. My theory is that sitting for long periods of time allows the body to reach maximum heights.

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for SoleilSmile   Author's Homepage   Email SoleilSmile         Edit/Delete Post 
HAH! Animators tend to be 5'9 or 5'11 in my experience (I prefer 6'2). Most guys in LA( not counting the street kids) hit a glass ceiling height at 5'11.

Up here in the Bay Area though , there's a lot of Germann stock which means a lot of nice 6'2ers.

Life is good....

HipChick Comics and Animatress Blog

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Icon 10 posted      Profile for Thomas   Email Thomas         Edit/Delete Post 
I stand 5' 17". Does that count?


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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Olve   Author's Homepage   Email Olve         Edit/Delete Post 
Ah. That explains why my animation suck.
I am not tall enough.

Olve's Blog

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Icon 10 posted      Profile for bronnie   Email bronnie         Edit/Delete Post 
Why,shame on you Papercut.. [Wink]
Your theory eliminates most female animators... I only know of one or two over six feet tall... and ya'd better not mess with'em! They're lookin' for ya! [funny]

I am not young enough to know everything- Oscar Wilde

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Fasty   Author's Homepage           Edit/Delete Post 
6'2" I think... (188cm) Interesting theory [biggrin]
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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Twedzel   Email Twedzel         Edit/Delete Post 
6'1"... yeah baby... Just right for animating.

But unfortunantly I havn't animated in years.

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Member # 161

Icon 1 posted      Profile for papercut   Email papercut         Edit/Delete Post 
Your theory eliminates most female animators
Sorry Bronnie, my theory actually does take into consideration female animators.The confusion comes from my snappy thread heading. It's not really about being six feet tall, it's about being taller than the general public.

So if you're well above the average female height of 5'4", you too can be an animator. [Wink]

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Member # 9

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Map   Author's Homepage   Email Map         Edit/Delete Post 
I'm 5'9"... [Smile] but most animation guys are taller then me!
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Member # 1885

Icon 1 posted      Profile for starla30   Email starla30         Edit/Delete Post 
5' 1" *hangs head in shame*
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Lucien Hoare
IE # 55
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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Lucien Hoare   Author's Homepage   Email Lucien Hoare         Edit/Delete Post 
6' 3" here! Blimey! Is this theory true?

Wasn't Grim Natwick very tall as well?


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Steve G
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Member # 169

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Steve G   Author's Homepage   Email Steve G         Edit/Delete Post 
I hate to contribute to such a non-discussion, but I've only met a couple of animators over 6 feet. Where are you guys hanging out and who are you defining as animators?
Deja and Keene? Both under 6 feet (I do believe- though Keene might be close).The nine old men? I think Thomas might've been the only really tall one (though I'm sure he's well under 6 feet now).
Name some names that prove this theory...and I mean names of KNOWN animators. Don't just say "I'm over 6 feet" Are you ananimator or are we widening the definition of animator again and calling anyone in the biz an animator?
I can off the top of my head think of Nibbelink. I think Steph G (a cg animator?) is over 6 feet, but I might be wrong.
The newsworthy Eddie Goral is over 6 feet tall (if I remember right), but he wasn't an animator. He was an inbetweener/cleanup artist).
Or are you talking about 'hollywood' tall? Like Tom cruise and Ahnold "being tall" until you meet them and discover that they're both closer to 5' 7" (or shorter) and just have really big heads.


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Member # 161

Icon 1 posted      Profile for papercut   Email papercut         Edit/Delete Post 

Thanks for contributing to my non-discussion. Of course if we use the same impecable reasoning as your "animator" arguement. This is a discussion. After all, we have several people engaging in a conversation about a given topic. It's also animation related.

And to be completely accurate, my theory is...

"Animators are taller than the general public."

So in fact, male animators only need to be taller than 5'9". And if you really want to get technical about it, some animators could be shorter than 5"9", because my theory is based on an average height.

I think my thread heading is a bit misleading. It's not that an animator has to six feet tall, it's that there are many that are, and this brings the average taller than the general public.

But it's only a theory. I'm still collecting data. [Wink]

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for roger   Author's Homepage   Email roger         Edit/Delete Post 
so for the data records i am 1.79m that would be 5'8"? (oh i hate converting metric int imperial).
and yes i do like these topics [Big Grin]


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Icon 1 posted      Profile for roger   Author's Homepage   Email roger         Edit/Delete Post 
When do we get into weights (stone vs kg) that could be interesting [Wink]


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