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Author Topic: Valiant has been released
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I was checking Rotten Tomatoes and I was suprised that the film has been released today.

I have heard none of the typical Disney hype that goes with their films.

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Given the rather negative reviews it's gathered, there are some would would unkindly say that the movie wasn't released so much as it escaped. [funny]
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What I haven't been liking about Disney's promotional tactics is how they're riding on the fact that this particular film was made by a Shrek producer. Disney needs to start focusing on their own films if they're ever gonna make a come back.
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I saw an advert on T.V for it the other day here in Toronto. Looks like it's a fairly sizeable release.

Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open.
- Thomas Dewar

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Well.. when you promote a film you should try to use anything you got that won't cost a lot of money. If you tag the directors credentials onto a trailer it's like saying "...this guy is OK for your family!" Most People in the general public don't make a whole lot of distinctions between studios so I don't think they are really lessening themselves by soing it.

Locally I haven't been seeing a whole lot of advertisements for it. I'm wondering if Disney is seeing this one as a DOA so they are only doing the bare minimum to release it?


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Mr. Fun
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As usual Disney's giving us the bird. I love how they've managed to "sell" this film by saying it's from the producer of "Shrek." If the movie tanks, it's all his fault.

This Disney "Meet the Flockers" will be dead on arrival. And, we thought the public only wanted to see CGI films.

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There might be an upside then. I haven't seen the film so I can't judge it but if it's as bad as everyone is saying it is then maybe this will be the CGI film that helps bring hand-drawn animation back . . . maybe.
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Floyd Bishop
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If they didn't think it ws going to do at least a little bit of money, they could have easily not released it here in the states.

By hardly advertising it, if it is a word of mouth hit, it's more money that can go in their pockets and less money to cover money spent on advertising.

Floyd Bishop

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Telling reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Usually when a traditionally animated film tanks most of the reviewers say things like doesn't stack up to its CG brethren or something like that. Here we have a CG film with mediocre reviews and not much is being said about the medium. Quite a double standard.

-Dean Dodrill


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Brian Mitchell
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Valiant made $1,850,000 for it's opening on Friday.
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Greg B
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Christian, there's no CG movie bad enough to revive a 2D feature drive. 2D just is not worth the investment.

If CG features become produced faster and faster but still maintain quality it's a given CG is the way it'll go.

'Valiant' may be funny or not. 'Iron Giant' didn't get any promo of note I recall. I just found out about way back then and got it on DVD.

Don't know what the gross on 'Valiant' is overseas but I'll check. I'm sure it'll make it's money back on DVD.

My points of concern are that CG production shouldn't be as high as 2D. Computers and software attractions were that they would drop overhead not increase it.

We've heard that line of crap for years. It seems like every year special effects and CG animation keep going up.

Somebody's fulla bologna somewhere.

If 'Valiant' is as bad as people say it's not a curse on CG just a hard earned lesson Hollywood and other arts producers often forget: Quality is the best policy.


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I guess sock puppets are next.
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Valiant tanked in the UK, where it was primarily produced and where the story was set. The overseas grosses were dismal. This is one film that I don't think will make it's costs back on DVD.

Greg is right, it won't have any effect on 2d coming back. It also won't have any effect on 3d films, except perhaps to start to worry producers trying to make feature films on lower budgets.

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Okay, Disney killed 2D with Eisnery and then they killed 3D with VALIANT and then they killed sock puppets with the remake of WHEN HARRY MET SALLY. So, I guess the next medium to kill is "progeny surgical manipulation theater". Out of common human decency, I will not link to examples of this form of entertainment, but instead point you to ancient episodes of AEON FLUX as a sort of rough, irrelevant guide.
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