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Author Topic: Hasbro not happy with Fensler Films' GI Joe PSA's
Floyd Bishop
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Apparently, Hasbro is none too pleased with the GI Joe Public Service PSA reworks that have been so popular on the web. I'm not sure if parody law can save the day or not, but we may have seen the last of the Fensler Films PSAs.

Floyd Bishop

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These things are hilarious, on comedy par with GALAXY TRIO BABIES. Everyone should grab these now, in case Hasbro bulldozes them from public view.
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Great, parody is almost all but dead in this country. My wife and I met with an entertainment attorney a while back to talk about the ramifications of a possible parody piece, and he was just flat out "don't even go down that path". Just another way the corporations are squeezing this country down to a nice clean little manageable society. I bet within almost a decade all parody will be gone. Better not speak out against commercialism.

I hope they fight this one, and I'll support them if it comes down to it. Someone seriously needs to take a stand, and these are flat out parody, no question. Other artists have been attacked over the past years for parody, but I don't think anyone's case has been as good as the GI JOE PSA's.

I say we stand and say "NO JOE!" and boycott Hasbro until they take back their letter. Those pieces are hilarious.


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While I really enjoy the GI JOE PSAs, I don't think they can be defended from a parody standpoint. They use the original animation, only slightly altered. They use a trademark that is obviously owned by Hasbro. The PSAs offer no disclaimer that the works are not affiliated with Hasbro. The PSAs use profanity, and the trademark is for a childrens' toy - that could constitute legal damage to the trademark. The fair use defense probably wouldn't work, because there are about thirty of these things done over a couple of years. Fensler's only defense is that he didn't make money from them - if indeed he didn't.

I think that's one of the reasons I like them so much - they're obvious infringements, widely distributed, in addition to being hilarious. Illegal stuff is so much more fun.

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Eric Hedman
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Well, chances are the Hasbro people weren't in the loop and now that they have a new movie out on DVD they are going to take things more seriously now that their franchise is known for the PSAs more than the show they were based on.

Gee whiz this GIJoe fakey thing has only been going on for years.....hmmmmm.....

As we slowly enter the brain of the pr type....
"Hey maybe it will impede our sales if someone is making fun of our previous crummy toy sales generating marketing series."

"bottom massage?......oh my god, the black skiier dude is acting all, homoerotic, and to little boys.....We should SUE!!!!!!!!"

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Russian Judge
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Sadly, I have to agree with Mr. Panucci. It's a mark of modern video editing that you can do a third-grade joke on video, but it's still a third-grade joke.

Now...if they had done a "Fire Marshall Bill" thing, where the Joes gave out deliberately destructive advice, THAT would be parody.

"Kids! Don't play with matches in the house! I've got six gallons of gasoline in an open tub behind the with them there."

"Now I know."

"And knowing is half the immolation."

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does parody law look unkindly among one who makes money from the use of someone elses' property?
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I've seen these parodies, and i never thought they were that funny, now the 'He-Man' parodies on, those are funny!

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I've wondered about these same questions concerning some Rainbow Brite and He-Man parodies I created this past summer while learning to use Flash.

They're all original animation, but there's no question I'm using established character designs, and the basic joke in all of them is simply that the characters are played against stereotype (Rainbow Brite is cruel to her friends, He-Man's magic sword does him no good in dealing with mundane life problems). So I'm building on an established property and making jokes at its expense.

Because of that pop culture "crutch," I don't really know if the cartoons would have any intrinsic value without the established precedent; I suppose I could use the same TYPE of character and make a successful cartoon in this style, but I wouldn't have the "shorthand" advantage of immediate recognition.

I considered renaming the characters MAD Magazine-style, but calling her "Rainbow Brat" (for example) would only have belabored the admittedly obvious gags to come. The 'toons can be viewed at:

(At least this initial experience convinced me to focus more on original content after getting partway up the Flash learning curve!)

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