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Author Topic: The Artists are taking over!!!
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I run in many circles. I have home boys in almost every art field you can think of. Top tier bad asses too. Everyone is saying the same thing. "Its time to take our industry back"...we at AN have been saying that for a long time now. but now, the other creators who have positioned themselves to the new dynamic of our industry are acting more then ever. I ran across a major historical animation character the other day. We talked about the Union christmas party and how most who attended this year were new guys trying to break in and the fellowship of the old guard is fading away...appropriate they held the party at He then went on saying a handful of influential creators who are all saying the same thing. Its time.

And it is. Even investors are looking for new leaders to invest in. They know there's a new breed of creator out there. Ones that have business sensibilities.

The people who will have their attention are those who create and have created while others were complaining.

Its an exciting time for creators. The power we've always had are being seen by the people we want to see it. More so then ever before.

More self published books, more schools, more artists recording themselves and putting their faces out there with their art...because they know that they are the brand, they are the investment.

So keep the faith AN and most importantly KEEP CREATING. This has always been our mantra and even though our own peers mocked this sensibility, its the strongest one to adapt in to your everyday. Because you can feel bad about things, or you can create. You can let these guys tell you how good or not good enough you are, or you can create and tell the world how important you are.

Make the right moves. Create and form alliances with like minds...and make sure to come back here and share your experiences so we can all learn from them.

This next year I'm gonna hustle on the creator owned front like never before. I'll update people as I go so we can all learn.



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hehehe....sure hope 2010 will bring at least one big new change

I'd love to meet an influential angel investor with a few million to risk get involved. I doubt giving a few million to the owner of a small studio would be any riskier than throwing it to a big studio and crossing your fingers / all you need is one great new studio to do something worthy to put the fear of the financial gods into the rest!

did you read that article on my blog ?


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I have to say that I, along with a few others on AN, are extremely lucky to be working for one of the few, very successful 'artist run' studios in Canada. Our boss takes great pride in that fact, and if anyone was to be in doubt, all they would have to do is take a look in his office at the shelves full of toys and figures and drawings and displays of the different children's books he's written and illustrated. He's always teeming with ideas and gets as excited as any one of us when something inspirational hits him.
It's a very different feeling than working in a 'suit' run environment. He's more than willing to have people come into his office and talk about ideas, or ask advice. He also understands the artist mentality and our various insecurities and takes those into consideration. You never feel pressure when he's around and you're glad to see him because usually he's there to share his newest cool show or character idea with you.
I've often heard people talk about how a studio can have a hard time being successful with someone creative at it's head, because maybe they don't have the mindset or capacity to run a company. That they should leave that to the suits. With a number of hit shows under it's belt, this studio flies in the face of that and shows that artists can be in control and still be successful! [cheers]

Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open.
- Thomas Dewar

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I opened an on-line store for my sketchbooks and Lost trading cards. I've been slowly advertising it and have been seeing pretty good success at the rate that I've been rolling things out.

So yeah get your stuff out there, with Blogger and Paypal its fairly inexpencive to sell your stuff. And thanks to AN for the inspiration.


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good stuff guys!!!


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I've felt that this has been the trend on many levels for some time now. Someone I'd like to mention as another example of how artists are positioning themselves to be in more control is my long time friend Joe Pearson who's been at the forfront of this trend for years.

His latest project is "War of the Worlds: Goliath" which is slated for release in 2010.

Joe's been active at an international level in ways that traditionally non-creative executives would operate. With Goliath, he's been working in conjunction with the Malaysian government in having this film produced, helping to pioneer the development of their animation industry.

Raul Garcia from right here on AN has been doing the same thing, formerly of the Disney animation staff, he broke away to produce his feature "Missing Lynx" and it won the Goya in Spain for Best Animated Feature.

There's lots of activity going on that supports the title of this topic, both known and in the works. The more time that passes, the more the evolutionary process will manifest itself. Survival of the fittest, and the fittest are those that create.

Keep creating and position yourself for more control over your content and market. And even in the studios, you'll see artists rising up to assume more control in areas that were previously dominated by the monkey.


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