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Author Topic: How was Comic Con 2009 for you?
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If you were in San Diego at the Con this weekend, whether for the duration or for a day, share your impressions, thoughts and experiences. If you were there selling something or for business related purposes, how did it go?


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I went on Friday and it was a madhouse - which was great! Seeing so many people excited about cartoons, comics, animation etc. was contagious and all the artists with their fantastic work was so inspiring that I haven't stopped drawing and writing all weekend. Sometimes it's good to get out there and see what's cooking.
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This was my first year exhibiting. I did very well for not having an established presence. I'm glad I was able to put some girl's properties out there that weren't princess or makeup oriented and that they sold well. I'd have to say that Friday was the busiest for me and preview night was better than expected.


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The Quick Draw event was awesome.. Good Job Mr. Fun!!! Good times!

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Had a great time on Saturday... saw lots of great stuff and bought some more- spent all day with a friend working in the Bay Area I haven't seen in six months. Supported a couple talented artists I've admired by buying some of their work. Happily agonized over the difficult decision: Should I buy the Syd Mead, or the Dean Cornwell?!? Attended a seminar for the animated show my wife works on...etc etc all in all, a good time.

The Good: Professional registration was such a breeze its worth working in the animation biz just to get in so easy! Took me all of 30 seconds to pick up my ID.
Seeing the classic moments you could only see at the Comicon..... like watching a man in a black cape and a black ski-mask foraging thru pricey Van Eaton Gallery artwork (and not being asked to leave) and seeing "Han-in-Carbonite" smoking a cigarette outside.

The Bad: When is the San Diego Convention Center ever gonna make a footbridge from the Gaslamp District over road to the main entrance? 50,000 people a day have to cross two incredibly busy roads AND a railroad track carrying passenger trains and half-mile long freight trains just to get in the front entrance. Its hard to believe somebody doesn't get killed there every year. Why don't they take a cue from Vegas and make a second story pedestrian overpass so ALL the traffic moves better? (at least they're finally building one on the south end of the convention center- that's a start!)

The Ugly: Costumed Slave Leia's that look more like Jabba the Hutt. Ahh yes, only at the Comicon.....

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Had a great time, wish I could have been there longer...
Tired, Achy, a little Crazy...
It's really changed over the 8 years I've been going...
It's funny, now it looks like the video games are starting to push the movies out, like a virus coming from that "Illustrators Area" in the upper 4000's (I don't think that's a bad thing)...
Small Press is different, and it's great, the product you can make on demand now is stunning...
It was good to see a few groups there again this year, from ASIFA-Hollywood (perennial), to Girls Drawing Girls (I guess second year, from the L.A. art world)...
And my favorite, the photographers who would make 3D lenticulars either right on the spot, or with great quality, and great depth of z axis, all from a photo right there in the booth...
It was a good time...


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Shane Glines
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A wonderful time with many highlights, but receiving compliments from and talking art and cartoons with Glen Keane had me walking on air.


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E. Allen
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At least, now I know what to expect when I get there. . .
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I had a chance to go on Thursday. Insanity doesn't quite convey what it was like. You had everything from the "Hall H" events, like the Disney 3D panel that I couldn't get into, to Mike Mignola working his own booth, with people just walking up to him one at a time.
The Disney traditional panel with Don Hahn, Eric Goldberg, Ruben Procopio and Glen Keane, the last of whom I think they said was at the "Con" for the first time, was very inspiring. Hearing Don do the Walt Stanchfield lecture never gets fails to be very captivating.
Also, and maybe I'm easily amused, but getting a piece in the souvenir program 2 years in a row is really something. I encourage everyone to try it next year. For a non-professional, not yet published artist, there's nothing quite like knowing that 150,000 people are walking around with a book that features your artwork on a page. (I'm on page 155 in the "Rocky and Bullwinkle" section)
Also, how many people here are familiar with this "Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog"? There were a lot of people dressed as the characters from it at the Con. I understand that it is a musical spoof from Joss Whedon that he created as a way of bypassing studio executives, (who are not above even messing with him), which he put directly online. It seems like it's very much in the spirit of the mission of AN, and maybe deserves its own thread. Maybe I'll start it!


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I just got back... It was jam packed with people and it is an extreme physical trial to endure, but it was worth it. My panel drew about 100 people, which was pretty good for that late in the day on party night.

99.9% of the people there had totally different interests than me (heck! I like comics and there aren't many people like that at comic-con!) but finding the needle in the haystack was enjoyable. I spoke with some extremely knowledgeable people and saw some amazing artwork. Got a few great books too (including my own!)

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Here's my personal dork report! Here's the long version...feel free to skim through, or not read at all [Wink]

Thursday was my favorite day. I went to the Cartoon Network panel, and the John K. panel, visited friends, including my favorite comic artist, Steven Weissman. Later that night I went to Pendleton Ward's beach party and got to meet one of my current heros, Mr. Thurop Van Orman, who is the creator of Flapjack on CN.

On Friday, I saw the Coraline panel, but had to sit for an hour before it just to keep my seat in the audience. I enjoyed seeing Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman's "bromance" in bloom, and hearing some of the animators talk about their processes.

It was fun meeting John Kricfalusi and Kali Fontecchio, they drew two drawings for me, Kali drew a portrait of me, and I asked John to draw "Ren going mad" for my boyfriend, Lou. The best part was giving John's drawing to Lou and watching his adorably kid-like, excited reaction to it.

I also said hi to Steve Worth at the ASIFA booth a few times, and met one of his volunteers, Amir, a fellow animation student. I said hello to JJ Villard, an incredibly nice CalArts grad whose films have inspired me since high school.

The biggest surprise, and another highlight, was happening upon Billy Mumy's autograph booth. I am a huge Twilight Zone fan, and "It's a Good Life," (which he starred in as a boy), is my favorite episode. I professed my fan-dom to him, and we chatted for a bit about his stint on the Twilight Zone. I asked him how much was this little trading card that featured that same young Billy from the Twilight Zone, and he told me everything was $20 and included an autograph. I told him I was in debt for art school loans and couldn't afford it, but it was great meeting him...He grabs one of the Twilight Zone autograph pictures, and starts making it out to me! For free! He writes, "Emily, Stay out of the cornfield!" I geek out. And give him my self-printed comic in return. He seemed like a really nice guy.

I was supposed to stay for Saturday too, but I got too fed up with the enormous crowds. This year (to me) was much worse than last year. The same panels I went to last year had X4 the lines, and buying a cup o' joe cost you at least 20 minutes of waiting to order. I wanted to go to the Disney/Pixar panel, but Hall H scared me.

I capped my spending at $50, which made me proud of myself! I really am in a lot of debt...*sweat* time to start acting like it!

Thanks for letting me share, guys.


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Mr. Fun
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The 2009 ComicCon was great. I never made it to any of the big shot movie star panels. I heard Denzel Washington, Robert Downey, Johnny Depp, Jeff Bridges and Cameron Diaz showed up. Plus, directors, Peter Jackson and Tim Burton.

The good stuff was mainly meeting a lot of old pals from Disney and Pixar, and talking with writer, George Clayton Johnson over in the hotel while taking a break.

QuickDraw was a lot of fun. It was daunting going up against cartoonists, Sergio Aragonés and Scott Shaw! Mark Evanier was a great host -- and it was so cool Stan Freberg showed up. Stan's my hero.

Finally, I loved my daily boat ride across the bay from Coronado Island. That was pretty cool, too.

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E. Allen
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Amazing stuff.

Guess I better get busy ordering them tickets now!

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Karen K
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Comic Con for me was summed up by one word: Miyazaki.

Being able to be in the presence of a legendary guy like him was, more than inspiring. There weren't words for it [Smile] I'm also thrilled that Ponyo is getting a US release, which means in the year 2009 we have three traditionally animated features that I know of coming to theaters.

Managed to get to the Drawn to Life: 20 Years of Disney Master Classes panel on Thursday to listen to everyone (Glen Keane, Tom Sito, Don Hahn, Eric Goldberg, and Ruben Procopio) geeking out over Walt Stanchfield. I still remember my friends and I printing out all the Walt Stanchfield stuff on years ago.

Then, abeit late, I got to sit in on the Clockwork Girl panel. Kevin Hanna and Barnaby Ward of Frogchildren Studios and Sean O'Reilly of Arcana Studios talked about wrapping up on their CG feature length version of the Clockwork Girl, which started out as a four issue mini-series two years ago. I was more than happy to be a part of it as a fill in penciller on issue #4.

So I was in heaven all weekend, but to top it off? Mike Mignola traded me for my sketchbook. And then I was in for a double whammy when Stuart NG gave me the OK to carry my book on a trial run. Very stoked!

I'm still trying to email everyone I met at Con to keep in touch, and there were some very hopeful job contacts I made and spread the word about the CTN Expo in Burbank this Fall!

Having gone to Comic Con since 1996 (not long by some Con goers) this had to have been my favorite con to date.

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Greg B
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Geez it's a long way from the old comic conventions we went to in the 70's with tables covered in dusty, cobwebbed comic boxes and guys who drew and wrote the comic books telling us about their adventures during WWII and WWI.

Haven't heard any negatives from my comic book colleagues and they berated me for not showing up and having a booth. People made killings selling prints of their book covers, giclees, lithos etc.

Some guys made more in one weekend selling those than they make drawing the comics. Just bring 1,000 covers and autographed they went for $30 and more. That's enough impetus to make me want to go back into comics.

The cons are now showcases for big, big business like the licensing shows have become. I remember the licensing shows when they were just a couple of floors at the Waldorf Astoria and only made $5 billion a year worldwide. Now it's a trillion dollar industry and the conventions so big they're like mini theme parks.

This expansion and the expansion of the internet is giving big time creators and the small time creators new avenues of revenue and support.


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It was frustrating as it was SO incredibly packed. The panels were great, but you had to wait FOREVER to get in.

The best was the Disney Panel with Princess and the Frog, Ponyo, Toy Story 3, and Beauty and the Beast in 3D.

P and F looks AMAZING animation wise! Yay Ron and John! The song itself I wasn't impressed with the lyrics, but the animation and all was great.

Ponyo looks brillant, but then it's Miyazaki, so what do you want? [Smile]

And Kirk, I love you, but WHY would you put Beauty and the Beast in 3D? It really doesn't add a thing to it, the movie was perfect, why mess with it? I know there were some animation issues, but the story was one of my all time favorites, and I hate to see people mess with works of art.

Overall, comic con needs to REDUCE the # of people who can attend. PERIOD.

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Its doubtful that they would ever lower the amount of people. I keep hearing whisperings that they might actually make it a traveling convention since they are starting to grow out of San Diego. I would bet though that San Diego would try its hardest to try and keep them there. I know that they started using a Hotel next door for panels. So if they don't move cities I would bet that more and more hotels will be used and the convention might take up the whole downtown district? Might be cool. They could have more room for panels if they kicked the Animae & Movie screenings to a hotel. A friend of mine told me that they should do some of the big ticket hall H stuff in the Baseball stadium.

Speaking of Gregs mention of Comic-Con being a mini Disneyland I actually told my Brother-In-Law that I took to the Con that this was my Disneyland, that you have to treat it with the same intensity if you want to see evrything.


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