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Author Topic: What are you doing creatively?
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Wondering what's up with our members as far as their creative happenings are going. What are you up to creatively in your life that you're excited about? Is it what you're doing at work, at school, on your own? Share your news with us.


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I'm currently working on some traditional animation for this months contest at the 11 Second Club. It feels great since this is the first chance I've taken to do 2D animation in a few years. It's a wonderful experience to put this much pencil mileage down again.


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well, this isn't "creative", but i'm bringing my 16mm answer print of my senior thesis to duart in NY to transfer to digibeta for posterity's sake.

its over 8 years old now, and it kills when i watch it today because the cleanup is so poor and the animation has a ton of hitches hah. good times.


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Just waiting for plush toys, wallets, books(thanks to lulu!), shorts, shirts, bubbles and other toys to come in - all for a possible launch in Nov/Dec.

Once in a blue moon I miss the money of freelancing but nothing compares to the daily satisfaction of bringing your own creation to life and sharing it with others.


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Jennifer Hachigian Jerrard
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Icon 7 posted      Profile for Jennifer Hachigian Jerrard   Author's Homepage   Email Jennifer Hachigian Jerrard         Edit/Delete Post 
I'm resurrecting my old comic book and posting a low-resolution version for free online. I also hope to have issue #12 drawn in time for the 2008 Small Press Expo.


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Animation Co-op
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Developing an independent feature.


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Randy C
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surfing (waves) [Smile]
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Randy C
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i should be doing more creative stuff though. maybe I'll work on some comics. going to be at APE in Nov.
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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Trondheimfan   Email Trondheimfan         Edit/Delete Post 
I'm working on my first feature whilst working on my first 11secondclub entry in my spare time.

And still I feel like I'm not doing enough... [biggrin]

Tekenen is schrijven en spreken tegelijk.

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for SNAKEBITE   Author's Homepage           Edit/Delete Post 
-Painting GIJoe backgrounds
-Coloring a comic book over Chris Cross for Top Cow Comics
-Laying out my art book
-Practicing drawing on people for my tattoo apprenticeship
-might have a couple other comics to work on.waiting
to hear back
-Digitally painting hot chicks.
-Designing Logos for a couple clients
-Waiting for more backgrounds for an industrial

shoot, I have lots of backgrounds I'm doing for a couple people

working on blogs for the future of my personal development

and like Trondheimfan I still don't think I'm doing enough

and oddly enough I still sleep. I just can't do that no sleep thing anymore.

and on the side working on some music with some close friends


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Icon 1 posted      Profile for SoleilSmile   Author's Homepage   Email SoleilSmile         Edit/Delete Post 
I'm working on the latest issue of Superficial and learning After Effects for live action.
I may just cross over folks.

HipChick Comics and Animatress Blog

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for devourax   Author's Homepage   Email devourax         Edit/Delete Post 
Now that my summer is over and hopefully Fall is under way,(it's finally time to free myself from yardwork!)I will jump back into finishing up the writing of 2 scripts.

I am also going to finish the art for one of my children's books.



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Member # 1160

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Im2dGuy   Author's Homepage   Email Im2dGuy         Edit/Delete Post 
-I'm currently working on a 3D animation
for this months contest at the 11 Second Club.

-I've got a new model and rig in the works.

-I'm also still working on some
animation tests for my reel.


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Member # 7

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Sounds like everyone's having fun. I've completed a significant amount of work on what'll be my second book. With where I'm at, I can project being completed with it perhaps by the end of the year or early '09, with the production run happening by the spring. We shall see.


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Mr. Fun
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I suppose one could call doing a blog a creative endeavor.

Will Finn and others convinced me to join the other Bloggers out there. Its been an interesting experiment. I seldom know what I’m going to write about from day to day. Maybe, not knowing is the fun part.

I’ve also been knocking out a gag a day. Don’t know how long I can keep that up. Anyway, like most gag cartoonists I never know what the next gag is going to be. It just pops into my head. Sometimes at the last minute.

That’s what makes creativity so cool. You can’t really define it -- or control it. It just happens.

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for CavePainter   Email CavePainter         Edit/Delete Post 
Animating TV stuff during the day, which, depending on the day can be- or can't possibly be- creatively rewarding.

When the sun goes down, I'm Art Directing an animated short for the Beverly Hills Chihuahua DVD (which is why I'm up right now at 3 in the morning).

I do lots of creative experimenting in Photoshop with the Cintiq- sometimes abstract, sometimes realistic, sometimes with no idea whatsoever.. just exploring new directions. Usually I end up with something I didn't plan.

I also like to bring my digital camera along with me when I go driving around and I take pictures of whatever..... color combinations, vintage design, retro California architecture, funny things, beautiful things, ugly things, surviving california black plate cars, urban and industrial decay, abstraction, photojournalism, whatever.... I guess I know it when I see it.

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Thunder Man
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I'm playing around more with drawing anime figures, in anime proportions, or not.

I'm kicking against many years of being told, instructed, specified, and harangued so many times to keep realistically drawing figures in realistic proportions, with realistic faces, realistically real..real sketches, really detailed.. keep it real..Draw the fingernails too...

.Aggh. Enough!

I'm getting too old to keep bothering with all that from fellow artistes and

So I draw what I want, how I want it to look.
I ain't drawing anymore fingernails; let the devil take the hindmost.

If I take your money, then you get it your way.
When I draw what I want, I do it my way.
Short, skinny, tall, fat, round, bony...I like my way better. [Wink]

So that's what I'm doing. Probably due to my 2nd childhood...LOL [Big Grin]


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