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Author Topic: How are things with you?
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It's been a busy time for almost everyone I know who's working in the animation business. I'm told that enrollment in the animation program at Cal State Northridge is so good, they can't fit everyone into their fundamentals classes. I get calls and email on a regular basis from parties looking for animation talent, usually on the cheap since they seem to think that students will work for free. Sorry pal, it's not that way anymore.

What's your situation like? Are you busy? Between projects? Booked solid? Let us know what's happening in your professional life. Mention your location if you would and your specific occupation. Thanks in advance folks, it'll be good to hear from you and this will help in painting a wider picture of what's up.


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things are good right now. i'm animating on a special for nick based off of their "naked brothers band" show. its a tight deadline, but we're making do with what we've got. the character designs are great and the BG's look fantastic. i've been solidly employed for the past 5 years so i can't complain [Smile]

things in NY seem pretty healthy right now. unfortunately, there aren't too many major shows in production, but there seems to be a nice amount of commercial work going at several of the smaller shops around town.


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I've Been out of work the past 2 months. Mostly of my own doing since I couldn't conceivably start any job due to the fact that I was scheduled to take a 2 week vacation with family, only one month after my last contract job ended (actually it was 2 vacations, one with my family and one with my wife's). But that ended a week & a half ago so am actively looking now.


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Place: Albuquerque, NM
Business: Commercial Animation

We had been busy from the beginning of the year up through July and then August was slow. A lot of ad agencies are saying they want to produce commercials but they can't get approval from clients. At the moment we only have one production going: four 30 second spots for a jewelry store in the mid-west. This one should keep us busy for next month. We are speculating that many advertisers are holding off until either 1) the campaign season is over, or 2) they percieve the economy to be on the rise.

However, we have a mailer going out to about 5000 people this week with e-mail ads to follow up. We use to bank on a mailer bringing in 3 or 4 responses but now we use it more to let people know we are still around. With an e-mail piece we can send out an ad out to around 10,000 people and consistently get 3 or 4 inquires.

All in all I would say we are slower than we would like but not starving.


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End of May, all of June and July were way ugly for me. Worst ever. I was starting to get real concerned. Even seemed like my usual clients were no longer in business or moved on. it was hard to see the light.

Now I have two jobs on the table (in addition to my personal projects) and three more possible big gigs on the warm up plate.

its the thing about this business, as soon as you think you have nothing, BOOM, you're overwhelmed with work.

not complaining though. I feel blessed.


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Well I don't know if a higher enrollment in college can be a good thing for any of us since that just means more people going for jobs. Im still ticked off at all of the colleges during the 90's that added an animation program because Disney was doing so well and flooded the market with artist right when things started going downhill.


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Place: Las Vegas,NV
Business: 3D animation and illustration ( telecommute)

I've been in between projects since April and in my last year of school. Yeah, I've been in school forever, but the industry keeps demanding different things that I have to train for year after year.
When I first got into school all the studios wanted modelers. Now all they want are TD's. So that means a year of learning Python and C++ for me! Hooo, I'm tying to move to New York for the school year so can dabble in the illustration industry there while I learn this additional skill set.

It never ends....

HipChick Comics and Animatress Blog

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Jennifer Hachigian Jerrard
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So that means a year of learning Python and C++ for me!
If you can choose, consider Python over C++. Python's the near-universal language of 3D software packages, easier than C++, and comes with a slew of pre-fabricated utilities. Of the two languages, I prefer Python.


Place: SoCal
Business: creature rigging, problem solving

At work, I rig creatures and solve technical problems. At home, I'm working on my small-press comic book.



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Mel Allen Sink
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Still an electronic technician for the USPS in Omaha. Still trying to compile Tube Punk and Amazons & Studebakers. Still trying to build a "Porthole Pinto SVO' but am stalled by silly clutch problems. Still trying to gel up a proposed web comic called "Sci-Fi Guy!" Still sometimes still wish that I was an animator.....

This reminded to to call about adult ed classes on painting and to get started on some new art.


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Cool question!

location- san Francisco- freelancing with 2D animation, storyboards, whateva.

I moved here 10 months ago and that was the first time I did freelance work, so still learning. Short gigs come up but I'm still looking for more regular clients. The regular work from time to time is coming from back where I moved from. I'm keeping in contact with some places asking for stuff that's iffy pay-wise, so I'm often turning it down. I did just end 5 weeks of work w/out a day off on some OK gigs.

There doesn't seem to be major production here except interactive flash type stuff, or video games... or elite stuff (pixar). Haven't seen TV work. Seems really competitive and hard to break in. There's the academy cranking out students, they're a for-profit open-enrollment tuition vacuum... shudder. I just got a part time job with them, haven't started yet. If I don't hate it, the plan is to use the part time free time and other benefits to make a personal film.

It's nice to be flexible on arrangements since I can count on a home business selling books. If there's a gap in work it pays the rent.

There's this plan after saving up for a while- a group of friends have a company started and we're hunting for the right kind of space to rent for studios to work together.

We're hosting a freelance workshop twice a month. It's a free social get together with snacks and open invite for anyone who does creative work. People come work together instead of working in a coffee shop. [cheers]


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Gagne Michel
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Life is good. Tons of projects in the works.

My game, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is coming along amazingly well; several books and graphic novels in the works; directing/producing and animating a 20-minute film for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival (4 minutes completed) which will premiere in July 2110; doing more illustrations for the trading card game Xeko; and production designing (visual styling, character and location design) a feature film for producer Gary Kurtz.

This is the busiest I've ever been and my home studio is the best place I could possibly work at. And to top it all, I'm still totally in love with my wife after 13 years of marriage.

Eventhough I only have one eye, I love my life.


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Rupert Piston
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Place: Hollister, CA
Business: Day: high school teacher Night: uh, raising my family and drawing biker cartoons

A few weeks ago I was dreading going back to school. I'm starting my second year as chair of the arts division and still teaching two periods of English until I can learn to spell properly. My mantra this summer was that I'd like to quit teaching by the time I'm 50, but it occurred to me the other day that I may really like what I'm doing by then. Working on an inservice idea to inspire our staff to stay excited, positive, and enthusiastic in those tired and grumpy months (late spring), as I really think we can change the culture of our school this way.

Usually I stop drawing for a while when school starts, but I've got a freelance job I'm finishing off. Hopefully it will turn into a tv commercial job when I'm done. Also working on getting an illustration gig on the side for a major company. We'll see about that gig, but they liked what they saw when I happened into their office on other business.

And still working the bike shop field with my biker cartoon shirts.

Thanks for askin'.

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Animation Co-op
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Recently returned from overseas. Busy with my animation consultation and career coaching clients, and just finished co-authoring an indie animated feature treatment & art packet.

Kevin G.

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Thanks Jen!

HipChick Comics and Animatress Blog

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I'm still doing my little chicken scratches here in Denver, Colorado. Wrapping up a sequence that's taken me about 2 years to create, and feeling pretty good [Smile]

-Dean Dodrill


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Place: Thousand Oaks, CA
Business: A bit of everything

Currently I am a stay at home Father with a 3 & 5 year olds. I am working on a number of upcoming freelance Illustration jobs along with Graphic Design & Poster work that I regularly do for my church.

I am also working on 5 different blogs.

My Art Blog

My two boys blog

A Family History blog

A Sci-Fi blog that Im helping out with

And the one that I am most proud of is a Lost Blog that I created the blog along with most of the illustrations with upto date information on the show.


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Squash Banana
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Location: Atlanta, GA

Well, it was a tricky Summer without consistent work from late May until just last week, but by working on my own stuff and occasionally latching onto some freelance illustration and animation, I made it through. Now, I have the great privilege of working on several 2D-traditionally-animated projects at the studio, where there is a new and unusual energy among my coworkers. Looking forward to several months of good work with good people - can't ask for more than that!

Thanks for all the support and ideas that come from the AN community!

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Good overall, thanks. Considerate for asking.

Work-wise, I finished art & animation on the game in my sig, and am working on followup titles. Waiting on a few potential leads, but mostly moving ahead w/the indie work.

'Lobster, thanks for the invite- hope to make it over on Wed.

My game art & animation-

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I've been laying low in the whole online forum thing, I guess this is as good as any topic to post into.

Been fairly busy consulting with a handful of studios (existing and planned). Between that I've been developing feature and series scripts, getting paid for some of it and a couple of my own pet projects.

The last couple of months, I've been slowly going back into production here at home, working remotely for various studios.

Production work has been rather slow because of these other things evaporating all of my time. However, I'm sensing a shift and will probably be more production and less everything else in the near future.

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Mr. Fun
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I'm taking my show on the road this month. At least on the high seas, anyway.

I'll be speaking along with legendary Disney imagineer, Tony Baxter on the Disney Cruise lInes as we sail for ports unknown. We'll be talking "Disney Magic" each day to hopefully amuse and delight the Disney guests and vacationers.

I continue to work with our wonderful design group up in Portland on the interactive flat panel displays for the Walt Disney Family Museum. Plus, I'll be meeting with the very special woman who makes all this possible. Walt Disney's daughter, Diane Disney Miller. I'll be meeting with the museum directors, along with Diane's husband, former Disney CEO, Ron Miller.

So, the next two months will be busy.

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Patty B
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where: unglamorous Brampton-yeah near Toronto.
Business: stay-at-home mom in the first year of kids (3)in school all day! Hope to get back to drawing (comic strips). Hubby continues to teach at Sheridan.

I'm here to keep in touch with what's going on in the field (I may need to go back to work someday, more like probably sooner than later) and to see if I recognize anyone I know--and there are some great links!!!!!!


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After the long hiatus that many of us on the Fox shows dealt with due to the writer's strike,I'm delighted to report that I'm back at 'King of the Hill' for a second season. Great gig.. really enjoying it.

I am not young enough to know everything- Oscar Wilde

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location: Salt Lake City

We are busy. Just winding down the wii version of, "Ultimate Band". We have about 4 more titles in the cue.



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Finishing off the final season of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends", alas, all good things must come to an end.
Starting the network machine to line up my next gig. There are a few possibilities, rumors abound about new projects getting green lit, keeping my fingers crossed I can land one of them.


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I don't post often, but well...Animation is thriving here in Europe. Hard at work on one project, and when it's finished there are two more beginning production. All 2D. Not bad for a "dead" medium.

Life's good.

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Lee Crowe
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I am busy teaching -- and loving it. I miss the biz tho'. I've tried a bit to pick up ATL freelance but it hasn't happened in a while -- but that may have a lot to do with the fact that I'm not hungry thanks to the teaching gig, so I don't really go after it. I've been teaching a great Senior level class where we're producing a 2D short together -- so I get to play producer -- this thing ROCKS so far -- we just finished the animatic. I hope we can get it into festivals and such -- I'll let y'all I guess I have no reason to miss the biz, huh?

Yes, even I resent the fact that so many animation schools were opened in the nineties, providing competition for us veterans...but I see that there are kids who are going to try to get into this biz whether times are good or not -- they just love it. Times were not good when i got in -- and I got in anyway, because I couldn't imagine not doing animation.

So don't blame the schools for the competition -- the competition's gonna be there regardless! The kids without talent and determination don't last, no matter what school they attended.

Look me up on

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