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Author Topic: DreamWorks' Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar 2 will be huge hits!
Dan P.
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Saw it on IMAX this weekend, and boy was I ever impressed! Best DW animated feature to date, hands down! Everything came together prefectly for this one from the story to the animation.

Love the designs, love the dialogue.....Everything. A perfect little gem which I'm sure will continue to make a killing at the box office for weeks to come.

Congrats to all of you who worked on it. You have truly inspired me. I'll be seeing Kung Fu Panda again and again.

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the art of kung fu panda book full of awesomeness too!

so nice.

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Guess I'm the only dissenting voice here. I have to admit I'm not a Dreamworks fan, but after reading the adoring critiques I finally went to see Kung Fu Panda expecting a fun time. The opening 2-D animation was lovely, but I was completely disappointed with the rest of the movie.

The animation can't hold a candle to Pixar, the storyline was unengrossing, unimaginative and so simplistic and linear, it could have come out of a preschool book, and besides the 3 lead characters, the voice acting could have been done by anyone. There were a few laughs, but overall, I had trouble staying awake. The story had so many holes, had so little development, had no twists and turns, foreshadowing, true character growth or surprises. What was the point of having those 5 expert animal kung fu experts if they had almost nothing to do? They could have been break dancers and it would barely have affected the outcome.

I also thought the Asia connection was almost non-existant except for providing pretty pictures. There was nothing in the story that required more than a passing interest in kung fu. The animation had what looked like true kung fu moves, but little specific to martial arts really figured into the story itself. And how could that panda have become so good in just ONE day? That goes against any kind of martial arts teaching. Plus the characters themselves acted so UN-Asian. I'm no expert on Asian culture although I'm of Asian descent myself, but the characters just didn't ring true, and many acted so obviously American.

I could go on and on with what disappointed me about the film, but you get the point. My husband had the same reaction as me; I had to actually nudge him awake a couple times!

I truly respect everyone on this blog and their intimate connection to animation, but as a fan, I am simply dumbfounded. I guess individual tastes are just so completely different. But I will never understand how a pretty but mediocre movie like this will almost definitely outgross (domestically) a master work like Ratatouille.

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I finally got around to seeing Kung Fu Panda last Friday with my wife. We both enjoyed it thoroughly. This is my favorite DWA film and one of my favorite animated films of late. The rest of the theater got a kick out of it too.

Especially surprising was my wife's reaction. She loved it, and considering most animated films put her asleep. That is saying a lot.

As far as the storyline being simplistic, linear, etc. I have no problem with that. Sometimes a simple movie is just what is needed. I often feel that animated films are trying to do too much.

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I think part of the point of the 5 kung fu'ers was to show that someone special needed to become the Dragon Warrior, not just any student. It also provided another way to show how dangerous Tai-Lung was (the bridge battle).

Like you said, individual tastes.

BTW, I hated the Angelina Jolie voice/character. Totally wrong casting imo. Other than that, and the fact that my theater played it slightly out of focus, I had an awesome time.

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Shane Glines
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I thought the action was fantastic, the humor pleasant. Pretty paintings and good scale in the bg's, especially in the prison break sequence.

I hope the "wide eyes with mouth hanging open" expression is retired from animation soon. Does DW have a copyright on this? It was all through the Madagascar 2 trailer as well.



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I hope the "wide eyes with mouth hanging open" expression is retired from animation soon. Does DW have a copyright on this?
Maybe Jeffrey borrowed it from Speilberg. It sounds like the expression the actors make in his films whenever they first see the dinosaur(s), mother ship, shark, etc.


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I watched KUNG FU PANDA finally in my country and I have to say I loved it so much!

Great art direction, great character design, great animation, great backgrounds, great soundtrack and a great plot.

It is the best DreamWorks 3D animated movie in my opinion and I am not a big 3D animation fan (I love 2D animation) but I have to confess I enjoyed Kung Fu Panda much more than Wall-E. I enjoyed Kung Panda as I enjoyed Ratatouille last year.


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Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E invite comparisons, because they have hit theaters only a few weeks apart. I thumbed through the art-of books at the store, and I have to say I was more enamoured with the Kung Fu Panda development and concept work.

I'm a nerd. I've seen both movies a few times now. Kung Fu Panda was breezy, beautiful entertainment. It satisfies easily. It delivers what it promises.

Wall-E, on the other hand, is a film that somehow misses the mark. The craftsmanship is outstanding, of course, but it doesn't have the emotional wallop that it was setting up for itself. The more I watch Wall-E, the more I see how the movie works, and the more I enjoy how cute it is. Upon first viewing, though, I was left wanting.

I do appreciate the strong visual storytelling of Wall-E... and even Presto. However, I'm looking forward to Django Films' "The Illusionist" for something truly magical.


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Saw KFP today. Awesome film, my friend who bought me the tickets as a b'day present was NOT looking forward to it, plus the presence of a cinema full of kids made her balk. In the end the combination of funny utterences from the children (who all started to check to see if they could see their feet as the panda did the same) and the general awesomeness of KFP (nice characterisation, great jokes, hardly any pop culture references, amazing action and beautiful art) won her over.

10/10 from me.


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