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Author Topic: Share your blog or site with us
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There's hundreds of people currently registered with AN who've never left a message. Most of them shared their blog or website to identify themselves as part of the account registration process.

You're invited and welcome to introduce yourself here and share your online presence with the community. If you want to go back to lurking afterwards, that's fine, but why not check in to say hello and share a link, or to just say hello.

If you're a member on AN as a general account, not subscribed in the IE, feel free to share your link with us even if you've been editorially active and posted before.

Let your light shine.


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I'm Jasen Strong
I hardly ever talk here because I'm too shy.


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Icon 1 posted      Profile for jeffnevins   Author's Homepage   Email jeffnevins         Edit/Delete Post 
Good idea for a topic.
I could wait for more people to post, but I'll go ahead while I'm here (maybe we're doing one post a day).

This is a group post-it project for fun:
(Animation puns & older posts)

And the sig below-

My game art & animation-

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Olve   Author's Homepage   Email Olve         Edit/Delete Post 
Could've been updated a bit more often perhaps...


Olve's Blog

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Michael   Author's Homepage   Email Michael         Edit/Delete Post 
The blurb at the masthead of my blog reads:
Articles & Texticles is a reflection on the art traditions and trends that feed into the aesthetics of animated films. Sometimes it wanders way off topic.
Articles And Texticles

I believe that I joined AN within the first 6 months of its existence.... Still proud to belong here, even thuogh I don't shout a lot!


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Member # 3262

Icon 1 posted      Profile for CatHicks   Email CatHicks         Edit/Delete Post 
Howdy! I'm Cat and am currently a 3rd year computer animation major at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL.

This is my blog, where I post my animations and artwork:

Any critique would be greatly appreciated!


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Don Bluth Productions
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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Don Bluth Productions   Author's Homepage   Email Don Bluth Productions         Edit/Delete Post 
Charles, thanks for starting this thread... Lurking is such an insensitive word! With that in mind, however, we've been stalking ( [Cool] )this site for a number of years now. After a long hiatus from the business, we are in the process of developing a new educational streaming video website to help students/professionals in all facets of animation, be it 2D or 3D.
Coming soon, [lamer]


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Mel Allen Sink
IE # 236
Member # 3123

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Mel Allen Sink   Author's Homepage   Email Mel Allen Sink         Edit/Delete Post 
I'm in the weird position of being an animator/comic book artist never-quite-was, who works for the USPS, but still draws on the side. I even started updating my blog again for this thread.
Also my Deviant Art site. Plus last and least: my neglected Flexia Bast site and the model rocket site.


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Icon 14 posted      Profile for Im2dGuy   Author's Homepage   Email Im2dGuy         Edit/Delete Post 
I've been an animation instructor and
I am taking a quarter off to
work on some 3D animation.
My blog includes my
production work flow
and work in progress.


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Bobby Pontillas
IE # 288
Member # 482

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Bobby Pontillas   Author's Homepage   Email Bobby Pontillas         Edit/Delete Post 
Looong time reader, occasional poster.
Presently I'm an animator/character designer in the Seattle video game industry, which has been a blast!

Although still, working on my off hours to break into film.

My Blog!


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Icon 1 posted      Profile for mojodesign   Author's Homepage   Email mojodesign         Edit/Delete Post 
...some really sweet animation on your blog there, Bobby...really good stuff.

-Jose S.


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Bob of Bob
Member # 3495

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Bob of Bob   Email Bob of Bob         Edit/Delete Post 
First time poster, long time reader...I'm a screenwriter, and over the past couple of years I've been lucky enough to have worked on some animated projects. Really enjoy the entire process of animation...thus the "trolling" on sites such as these. Bob

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for RMills   Author's Homepage   Email RMills         Edit/Delete Post 
Every so often I make a comment here but more often I lurk. Here is my website and my blog.

the Plausible Impossible


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Icon 12 posted      Profile for acme   Author's Homepage   Email acme         Edit/Delete Post 
Part time random sporadic poster, full time lurker [Wink]

Production Blog

Sketch Blog

Zane Kohler


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Member # 594

Icon 1 posted      Profile for rocktoonz   Author's Homepage   Email rocktoonz         Edit/Delete Post 
I post every once in a while, but I'm always looking.

Keep Animating!


Craig Clark's Website


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Member # 3496

Icon 1 posted      Profile for smars   Email smars         Edit/Delete Post 
Um... Hi. I'm Shadrick Wright, also known as Solomon Mars (smars for short) I'm an animation student at the Art Institute of Atlanta. I've been ghosting this site since my teacher Lee Crowe told the class about it like a year ago. I'm glad I finally joined, this place is awesome.

I don't have any animation posted yet but I have a lowtech site and a blog.
smars unlimited

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Member # 7

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Charles           Edit/Delete Post 
Welcome to AN smars, and thanks for checking in and sharing links to your blogs, folks. Good to see you here. Please feel free to say hello if you're hanging out and have an account with us.


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Icon 1 posted      Profile for dermot   Author's Homepage   Email dermot         Edit/Delete Post 
Howdy all.....I started a blog because I dont know how to update my own website (which is badly in need of a redesign )

drop-out student of Sheridan back in 1986-ish...done it all from commercials ,TV , , layout ,overseas , boards , animation assisting , directing .

Settled in Oakville with wife Affee (class of 1990?) and 3 daughters .

Hope to do some graphic novels and short films of my own in the near future / get back to racing motorcycles again before I'm 50 !


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Shane Glines
IE # 87
Member # 2513

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Shane Glines   Author's Homepage   Email Shane Glines         Edit/Delete Post 

Cartoon Retro Blog


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Mr. Fun
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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Mr. Fun           Edit/Delete Post 
I'm currently playing around with the blogging thing. Mainly, trying to learn the software.

Not ready to make any formal announcements just yet. I'm not ready for prime time.

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Icon 10 posted      Profile for jupeykrusho   Author's Homepage   Email jupeykrusho         Edit/Delete Post 
in for the spin...



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Icon 14 posted      Profile for Thomas   Email Thomas         Edit/Delete Post 
Charles has been buggin me to give up my Blog address soon. And I will, but I have to finish something first. Then I will be ready and have stuff to show, including my own drink & draw images from my local brew pub. Speaking of which it's time to head on over there for my weekly visit.


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Icon 1 posted      Profile for JDC   Author's Homepage   Email JDC         Edit/Delete Post 
Some people I work with found this crazy stationary that are giant reprints of dollar bills.. and we made use of them.

face the nation


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bunny burgerman
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Icon 1 posted      Profile for bunny burgerman   Author's Homepage   Email bunny burgerman         Edit/Delete Post 
Okay I'll add mine too:

Here's my production blog production blog for my independent short film work...

And here's the production blog for the pilot me and my friend are currently doing.



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Member # 3151

Icon 1 posted      Profile for dr.hong   Email dr.hong         Edit/Delete Post 
pbcb blog


dog days of animation blog


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Animation Co-op
IE # 295
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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Animation Co-op           Edit/Delete Post 
My blog, "Word To The Wise", at Animation Options:

Kevin Geiger

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Rupert Piston
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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Rupert Piston   Author's Homepage   Email Rupert Piston         Edit/Delete Post 
I keep a blog too. At one point I thought I should only post in it if I had a drawing to add, which kept me from blogging for while. About as soon as I gave up that notion, I started getting more pencil time and got back to adding more art in my blog:

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Ganklin   Author's Homepage   Email Ganklin         Edit/Delete Post

home to our flash shorts and other hyjinxs...the link is in my signature, too hah


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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Graphiteman   Author's Homepage   Email Graphiteman         Edit/Delete Post 
Well....since you asked I'll post it again.

Thanks, Charles.

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Member # 3175

Icon 1 posted      Profile for siskavard   Author's Homepage   Email siskavard         Edit/Delete Post 

My blog is HERE

.. it's mostly just my sketches and short animation.


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Member # 3149

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Sherm   Email Sherm         Edit/Delete Post 
Hi, everyone...
My name is Sherm Cohen and I'm a storyboard artist for Nickelodeon.
Vince Waller turned me on to this board a few years ago, and I've been coming back to see what's up every few weeks since then.

My blog is where I post old comic book scans by great cartoonists like Dan Gordon, Milt Gross and Jack Kirby

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for SNAKEBITE   Author's Homepage           Edit/Delete Post 
I don't have a blog. everything I rant about I pretty much do it here on AN.

but check out my links below for my art and stuffffff.


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Member # 3214

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Cyrus   Email Cyrus         Edit/Delete Post 
Here is my blog and other sites.
Etsy Shop
Snuglies - Plush toys and other stuff

Thanks for taken a look.

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Mr. Fun
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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Mr. Fun           Edit/Delete Post 
Okay, I think I've got this thing working. Here's the link.

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Todd   Author's Homepage           Edit/Delete Post 
I wish I had more time to update my blog on a regular basis, but here it is well as my online portfolio. Hope you enjoy them.


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Icon 1 posted      Profile for KevinO   Email KevinO         Edit/Delete Post 
Mr Fun - that gag about sucking on Cintiq is a gem. [funny]
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Member # 1024

Icon 1 posted      Profile for bigshot   Email bigshot         Edit/Delete Post 
Everyone knows about the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog, but I have a personal blog as well... It's called Late Night Coffee Shops.

See ya

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Jasen   Author's Homepage   Email Jasen         Edit/Delete Post 
Please post more on the Gag Wall Mr. Fun, we all know your holding out on us. [bow]


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Icon 1 posted      Profile for strawberry   Author's Homepage   Email strawberry         Edit/Delete Post 
this is my blog, a catch-all for experiments and old stuff that never saw the light of day.
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