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Do I have to register?

Yes. Registration is required if you plan to post new topics or reply to existing topics. Registration is free, and you are not required to post your real name. You are required to post your actual email address, however you do not have to make your email address viewable to other members if you so choose. To submit a registration request, you must first contact us. Registration is by appointment only. Please allow at least 24 hours for your submition to be reviewed. Once approved, we will set up an account and your login name and password will be emailed to you.

How can I change my registration profile?

Except for your onscreen name and login name, you may change any info stored in your account profile once you are a registered member of You may do so by using the "profile" link located near the top of each page. You must be logged in in order to update your profile. General memberships to AN are not allowed to display banner links or more than one signature link to their websites or blogs, or to display an avatar unless they are sbscribed to the site.

What is the Independent Economy?

The Independent Economy is an aspect of whereby the priniciples and philosophies of the site are mobilized into pro-activity by virtue of the transition of into a revenue generating entity. General memberships are upgraded to an IE account when a registered member of AN subscribes to the Independent Economy. The price of a subscription is $15 US and is renewed annually. Members of the IE are permitted access to their account profiles and may include a link to their own web site or homepage in their profile or in a signature. IE members are also permitted to display a banner ad as part of their signature. Members of the Independent Economy are eligible to enter our contests and are permitted access to current and upcoming premiums that aren't included in a general membership account.

What are user titles?

Each registered member has a title that reflects his or her membership on this board. Administrators are given the title "Administrator". Moderators are given the title "Moderator". Some members are given special titles by the administration. Members of the Independent Economy are given a special public display of their participation. All other users are given their membership titles based on the number of posts they have made as well as their general membership number:
Posts Title
0 Junior Member
1 Member

What are Administrators?

Administrators control the operation of the board and enforce our polices. The Registration Administrator reviews submissions for registration clearance. The Technical Administrator maintains the functionality of the board. The Lead Administrator may operate in both capacities.

What are Moderators?

Moderators control the editorial content in the forums. They can edit, delete, or prune any post or topic in any forum. If you have a problem with a post, whether it's one that you published or something that another member published, please bring it to the attention of one of the Moderators and it will be addressed.

Can I edit my own posts?

You may not edit or delete your own posts. No one else can edit your post except for the Moderators or the message board Administrators. Administrative control of message editing has proven a valuable tool in maintaining stability on AN's discussion boards. Members are encouraged to review their messages before they publish them. If a message is edited by a Moderator or Administrator, a note is generated at the bottom of each post so that every one knows when a post has been edited. Administrators will allow limited message editing in the future once the board software is developed to provide this option on a member by member basis. Once this feature is enacted, only subscribed members to as part of the Independent Economy may edit their posts.

How can I report an inappropriate post?

If you see a post that you believe requires immediate attention from a Moderator or Administrator, click this icon:  - . You can then write a brief note explaining why you are reporting this post. The alert goes to the Moderators and Administrators via email.

Can I use a signature?

You may use a signature (commonly used in email messages) on your posts only if you are a subscribed member of the Independent Economy. You may set your signature in your member profile when you subscribe and access to your account profile is open to you. Once you have a signature stored, it will be included with any post you publish by checking the "include signature" box when you create your post. Your signature may include a link to a web site or your email address. Please keep your signature short and brief. Extended signatures in the form of a long quote, dialogue or lines from a movie are not appropriate and may be edited or deleted altogether.

Note: You may not use HTML in your signature file, but you may use UBB Code. Note that the board administrator may disable the UBB Code Image tag.

How do I use HTML and UBB Code?

You may be able to use HTML and/or UBB Code in your posts, if AN's Administrators have those options turned on for each forum. Some forums may have either HTML or UBB Code turned off, or both turned off. Only the board's Administrators can set this. Every time you post a new note, you will be told whether UBB Code and/or HTML is enabled for that particular forum. If HTML is on, you may use any HTML tags, but please be very careful that you use proper HTML syntax. If you do not, your moderator or administrator may have to edit your post. UBB Code is similar to HTML, but offers just a few basic functions, such as hyperlinking, image display, bolding and italicizing. Complete details on UBB Code are listed here.

How can I use smilies?

Smilies are keyboard characters used to convey an emotion, such as a smile :) or a frown :(. This message board automatically converts certain smilies to a graphical representation, which we call graemlins. You can use our Instant Graemlins buttons for automatic generation. For example, if you type :o in your post, it will automatically be converted to  - - a shameful face. The following graemlins are currently supported:
:) Smile Smile
:( Frown Frown
:o Embarrassed Embarrassed
:D Big Grin Big Grin
;) Wink Wink
:p Razz Razz
:cool: Cool Cool
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
:mad: Mad Mad
:eek: Eek! Eek!
:confused: Confused Confused
:yes: Yes Yes
:abduct: abducted abducted
:gary: Gary Gary
:bawling: bawling bawling
:biggrin: biggrin biggrin
:bow: bow bow
:cheers: cheers cheers
:freak: freak freak
:frown: frown frown
:funny: funny funny
:grouse: grouse grouse
:guitar: guitar guitar
:handball: handball handball
:help: help help
:lamer: lamer lamer
:nono: nono nono
:rasberry: rasberry rasberry
:snore: snore snore
:thumbsup: thumbsup thumbsup
:tipsy: tipsy tipsy
:puke: puke puke
:flirt: flirt flirt
:unimpressed: unimpressed unimpressed
:blush: blush blush

Are cookies used?

This bulletin board uses cookies to store the following information: the last time you logged in, your login identification, and your preferred "topic view." These cookies are stored on your browser. Cookies are not used to track your movement or perform any function other than to enhance your use of the message board. If your browser does not support cookies, or you have not enabled cookies on your browser, many of these time-saving features will not work properly and you will not be able to post new messages.

How can I clear all cookies set on this board?

If you ever experience login problems, you may have a problem with the cookies that have been set in your browser. If this happens, you can try clearing all cookies set on this message board by clicking here

What do those icons next to each topic mean?

These icons provide information on the state of each topic:
New Posts Old Posts  
[new] [old] An open topic
[new] [old] An important topic
[new] [old] An open poll
[new closed] [old closed] A closed topic or poll
[new closed] [old closed] A moved topic or poll

Can I attach files?

For security reasons, you may not attach files to any posts. You may cut and paste text into your post, however, or use HTML and/or UBB Code (if enabled) to provide hyperlinks to outside documents.

Can I search?

You may search for specific posts based on a word or words found in the posts, by a particular registered member, by date, and/or by forum. Just click on the "search" link at the top of most pages.

What are member ratings?

The Administrators of this message board may permit members to rate each other. This option is currently disabled by the board Administrators.

What are private messages?

The administrators of this message board may permit members to send private messages to each other. A private message is not email. Private messages are one-to-one communications that can only be read by the recipient. You can read private messages in your profile section. You can also elect to be notified by email whenever someone sends you a private message. You can set this in your profile upon registration. You can also prevent anyone from sending you a private message (also configurable in your profile). Only registered members may send private messages. This option is currently disabled by the board Administrators.

To send someone a private message in the event that the feature is activated, look for the private message icon on a post a person creates. You can send a private message through the person's member profile, or from your Buddy List, if you have added the person to your Buddy List.

Can I be notified by email if someone responds to my topic?

If you create a new topic, you have the option of receiving an email notification every time someone posts a reply to your topic. Just check the email notification box when creating a new topic, if you want to use this feature. Only registered members can use this feature.

How can users get in touch with me if I hide my email address?

If you prefer that your email address not be publicly available, but you want users to mail you through this message board, you may choose to do so by setting your mailing preferences upon registration. Choose the "No, but allow members to mail me through the board" preference when you register. Only subscribed members of AN's Independent Economy are permitted to edit this aspect of their profiles after registration has been cleared without the assistance of an Administrator. Members of the IE may click the "my profile" link above, then click the "View/Update Profile" link, then choose the "No, but allow members to mail me through the board" preference.

What is an Ignore List?

Ignore lists apply to private messages only. Anyone you add to your ignore list can no longer send you a private message. You can put someone on your ignore list by viewing the member's profile and clicking on the "add to ignore list" link. Private messaging must be enabled on this site in order to use buddy lists. Private messaging is currently disabled.

What is a Buddy List?

Buddy lists apply to private messages only. Anyone you add to your buddy list is stored in a handy location, so that you can easily send the person a private message. You can put someone on your ignore list by viewing the member's profile and clicking on the "add to ignore list" link. Private messaging must be enabled on this site in order to use buddy lists. Private messaging is currently disabled.

Are there any censor features?

The message board Administrators have the power to censor certain words that may be posted. This censoring is not an exact science, however, so certain words may be censored out of context. Please realize that censoring is being done by a computer based on the words that are being screened. Words that are censored are replaced with asterisks.

What do I do if I forget my login ID and/or password?

Retrieving your login ID and password is simple. All of the pages that require you to identify yourself with your username and password carry a "lost password" link that you can use to have your username and password emailed instantly to your email address of record.

What are Today's Active Topics?

When you visit this message board, you will see a link at the top of the list of forums called "Today's Active Topics". Clicking on this link will provide you with a list of topics in all open, public forums that have been posted to during the current day. Private forums posts are never included in this listing.

Can I search private forums?

Yes, if you have permission to access the particular private forums you wish to search once they've been created and if you are a member of the Independent Economy. Note that you must be logged in to search private forums.

What are posting icons?

Depending on the configuration of your forums, you may be able to associate an icon with each post that you make. There are currently 14 icons, each expressing a different emotion or identification. These icons range from a simple note to sadness to warning. These icons appear next to each topic in a forum listing and on each post. If you do not see icons, your forum administrator may not be allowing icons on this particular forum. (Thanks to Kombat03 for the icon idea!)

What is Recent Visitors?

Recent Visitors is a display of users browsing the forums and topics on this board in the past 300 minutes. It is a feature not utilized on the site.

I just visited a forum or topic. Why am I not on the list of visitors?

The recent visitors information is only updated every few minutes to reduce server load. As a result, you may not immediately see yourself or others. The recent visitors feature is not activated on the site.

Why do I appear in more than one place at once?

Recent Visitors keeps track of the forums and topics you have looked at recently, not where you are at the current moment. This feature is not activated on the site.

How do I take my name off the list of recent visitors?

You may make yourself invisible to the Recent Visitors list by entering your my profile page, selecting the Update Profile link, and changing your Hide from Recent Visitors feature? preference. This feature is not activated on the site.

What do the numbers on the details page mean?

Recent Visitors keeps track of the forums and topics that users have viewed recently. This allows a user to appear to be in more than one place at once.

The number of recent visitors inside a forum is reflected by the Visitors column. The Popularity column is a percentage of all of the visitors currently browsing the board that have visited that forum. This feature is not acivated on the site.

How can I tell where a certain user was last seen?

You can view the user's last known location by viewing his or her profile. If the user has not been here recently, this information will not be available. This feature is not currently activated on the site.


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