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Cash for Crash - Worthing Boys' Club Ebay Auction E-mail
Written by Charles   
Monday, 22 April 2013 17:48

Hello everyone on AnimationNation. Some of my professional accomplishments in animation include developing character based franchises for video game properties. Among them and click now levitra 50mg the most popular of the ones I've done is buy generic accutane Crash Bandicoot. A follower on my personal art blog initiated a fund raising effort on behalf of the Worthing Boys' Club in the UK. It's a long established Registered Charity founded in 1936. The organization operates entirely upon contributions and donations.

In 1999 I created a marker rendered drawing of Crash for the child of a good friend and kept a color copy of it. Since then on occasion I've used reproductions of this Crash art as a gift for fans who request something from me. Through the buy viagra cheap generic initiative of one of the fans who follow my blog an Ebay auction has been set up for the benefit of the Worthing Boys' Club. If you'd like to bid on a signed print of Crash follow this link. Crash Bandicoot art that bears my signature is rare. Here's a chance to use cialis pick up on a collector's item as well as help a worthy cause in the Worthing Boys' Club. Thanks for your consideration!

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