AN Night Lite - June 29, 2010

Hi everyone. Last month's AN Night with Don Bluth was a tremendous success. We had more than 200 people in attendance. It was a fantastic evening for all and really underscored what the AN Night experience is all about. With the energy of the evening and the effort that was put into it, we figure we'd lighten up this month. Thus, AN Night Lite. An easygoing session of AnimationNation Night where we welcome visitors who'd like to hang out and enjoy a discussion focused on the latest news of the past month. That is, the new forums on

If you haven't seen them yet, follow this link and check them out:

The new forums have many new features that make it easy to embed video and upload graphics. We're excited about them and would like to share our thoughts as well as get your input on developing them further.

If you have something to sell, bring it along. If you have something to say or share, come on by. If you'd like to spend the time creating, you're more than welcome to do so. We'll have pizza and soft drinks for sale as usual, and $5 will get you plenty to eat. Plus there'll be a raffle with great prizes so bring some pocket change along.

This coming AN Night Lite is free.

We'll be at 2006 W. Magnolia Blvd in Burbank, 91506.

Look for the Burbank Association of Realtors Building. Go upstairs to the second floor hall.

Doors open at 7 pm.

There's plenty of free parking in the lot and on the spacious streets in the area.

Lighten up with AN Night Lite this coming Tuesday evening, June 29, 2010.

Hope to see you there.

Charles Z

AN Night
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Fractal space time dimensional shifts can be taxing on the harmonic frequencies containing my contained singularity. Coming back from the intergalactic pajama jam, I washed my face and landed back on earth to find my head was still in the clouds. The young creators of our current paradigm have reported back to home base for a debriefing of their time with the elder alien tribesman who were brought here by the Mothership to distribute wisdom, art, power and pizza. Therefore it is a perfect time to chill in the vibrational waves of the outer rim, while it pulls us back into the stillness of the vacuum so we can reflect on the last cycle of our participation. Continuing to radiate positive information but enjoying the ebb to reconnect and plan for the next flow.

See ya Tuesday!
Mista' Bite


What is AN Night? It is the time and place to meet some of the most creative, friendly and inspiring people. I've never seen this kind of consistant appearance of so many positive people and ideas. There isn't anything else like it that I know of. If you want to see for yourself you can either go to and watch some of the videos that show what goes on at AN Night or you can come to AN Night and find out in person. Every AN Night is an automatic success because the people make it so. At the end of every event I always leave feeling totally satisfied that the whole night was perfect. Last AN Night with Don Bluth was an overwhelming success that made all the previous nights feel even more sigificant.

I think AN Night will always be what it was meant to be, whether it is a lite or heavy night, it is always a perfect night.



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