AN Night - April 27th

It's that time of the month again when we gather to celebrate unity, goodwill, education, community, creativity, independence and pizza among other things.

This coming AN Night will be a special evening indeed as we welcome long time ANer Raul Garcia of Kandor Moon, the force behind the remarkable 3D animated movie "The Missing Lynx", which won the Goya in Spain for Best Animated Feature Film. Raul will be discussing how he produced the film, along with his unique insight into the production of this year's Oscar nominated animated short, "The Lady and the Reaper".

We'll also be hosting attorney Ellen Mersereau, who represents many artists in the animation industry. Ellen is a big believer in empowering artists and has negotiated many successful deals of behalf of those she represents. She'll be giving us a primer concerning contracts, work for hire situations, and other topics that are crucial to your career as an artist in animation or any other related field.

This is going to be a significant night for those of us who are developing independent aspects to our careers, so make it a point to join us at Animation Nation Night.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
2006 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank 91506

Look for the Burbank Association of Realtors building. We'll be upstairs in the second floor hall.

Plenty of free parking in the lot and on the spacious streets.

AN Night is free. Pizza and soda are $5.

Doors open at 7:00 pm. First pizzas arrive around 8.

We'll be having a raffle as well, so bring an extra buck or pocket change for a chance to win great prizes.

Everyone is welcome, and feel free to bring a friend.

At the next AN Night on May 25 it's Don Bluth. We anticipate a high turnout and we're working out the logistics of how this will be organized. Follow the AN Forums for details as to what will be happening.

See you this coming Tuesday evening!

Charles Z

AN Night
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We make our reality with how we think, our cells are singularities attracting like energy making us the center of our own personal universes. We're walking, talking and breathing black holes, pulling each other into ourselves. Who we pull in is dictated by what we put out. Tuned into specific frequencies dialed into our cerebral cosmic tuners. What station are you tuned into? You can find me on WKR-BITE, individual unique, but you're the same like me. Believe? You should. We're all special...well, most of us. Some of us need helmets, baby bibs and are caught up in the limited measurements of life. They have no self worth, so they have to make sure you feel the same way. Don't let them keep you from the intergalactic connections to your holographic self. Step in the light of truth and design yourself like you design your art.

If you need exposure to people who are mastering such diligence then come to A.N. Night this Tuesday, April 27th, where special honorable guests, Sensei Raul Garcia and Sifu Ellen Mersereau, will submerge you into the world of powerful intent!

So bring your positive vibes and your friends. There's plenty of parking for all your space crafts.


Mista Bite


A.N. Night is almost here and I can't wait. It's going to be awesome. The program we have mapped out for the night is packed full of incredible things. Speaking of programs and maps, each of us has a "map of reality" which technically is a program. This program comprises the definitions of our life, parents, peers, teachers, culture, mass media and finally, ourselves. This web of definitions constructs the map we automatically use to assemble and describe the world we live in. In general about 20% of our map is owned by us, the individual, and about 80% is dictated by others. This implies we are not alone within ourselves, not truly individual. If we would like to create more internal space for our personal feelings, ideas, thoughts, reasoning and conclusions it is crucial that we each understand how our mind works. We then have to know and observe how the web of definitions is constructed and how it functions so we can begin to understand and change it or re-program it. The re-education of our intellect itself is a mandatory requirement for our survival and a de-programming and re-programming will naturally occur when outdated, redundant definitions shatter and dissolve in the face of much greater truths than we are presently living.

So come to A.N. Night and join us as we continue to free our minds. Come enjoy some stellar company and explorations of truth as we travel through the multiversal state of flux.


Don Bluth Animation
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